Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nature of the Beast

Nature always plays a factor in outfit choice.

Usually it's the weather that you're dressing to accommodate; however, this week I was dressing for a different natural reason.

I was the victim of a mosquito attack over the weekend, so outfit choices this week has been very interesting. First of all, as all the bites were in the lower-leg/ankle-area I couldn't shave my legs - so skirts were out. Then, it was hard to find a pair of pants that wouldn't cause me to overheat throughout the day, but that also wouldn't rub against the bites making them worse. It's been horrible.

So, after the first agonizing day I came home, slathered myself in After Bite and I put on the only outfit I could think of that would discourage me from scratching.

So here you have it, the most embarassing nature inspired outfit I've ever had to wear.

It was hideous.

But it worked wonders.

Tank - SmartSet; PJs - Old Navy; Socks - American Apparel
I'm giving these bug bites lots of tender love and care, in hopes that they go away as soon as possible.

Isn't this the ugliest ensemble you've ever seen?
Share your sartorial horror stories...


  1. You are hilariously great. That is such a good idea though! I will say that although afterbite is helpful, my fave solution to bug bites (discovered during summers as a camp counselor) was Sarna P lotion = miraculous.

  2. Ouch ouch ouch I hate mosquitos! When I get bitten I swell up and there is no way to make that look good (although I am loving your socks!)

  3. Mosquitos suck. I've worn much worse to defend myself from nature. I love those socks however, I've got several pairs of my own. So good in the winter under boots, to keep my toes from turning into ice cubes!



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