Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Take Two

It's Monday and you know what that means - Two Birds' Inspiration Monday! For this week's inspiration they chose Jaime King florals and red pants combo. 

The bright pants trend is something that I've been longing to try, but I haven't been able to find a pair that doesn't make my already petite stature look stumpy. So, I'm substituting pants for a skirt this go 'round.

To keep this look weather appropriate, I decided to pair it with my relatively new over-the-knee flat boots - purchased at 50% off over the summer!

At first, I wasn't sure about this outfit, but the more I wore it the more I loved it! The colours, the juxtaposition of the florals and the leather. By the end of the day, I was convinced this outfit had it all!

That's the great thing about Inspiration Mondays!

Shirt & Tank - SmartSet; Skirt - Jacob; Boots & Ring - Aldo; Watch - Fossil
See you next week!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Style Profile: Bee is the New Blog

In this week's style profile, Petite Adventures talks fashion with Bee, a fashion lover who's breaking her way into the industry with internships - with Canada's own FASHION Magazine - and sharing her views and style on BeeIsTheNewBlog. Bee's blog is for fashion and beauty that is of the moment- and thing that she loves and has her attention. Well, her weekly outfit recaps have caught our attention, and here we learn more about this up-and-comer.

Name: Bee
Age: 22
Occupation: Blogger for / Editorial Intern with FASHION Magazine

When and why did you start your site?
I started blogging with a bestie for our site TwoGirlsOneBlog in 2010 all because we loved to gab about beauty and fashion and she had the brilliant idea to put it all online. We're still besties but the site is no more. I'm at Bee Is the New Blog and she's doing her beauty thing at

How would you describe your site?
It's just a fun, silly, colourful site where I'm allowed to gab about products, clothes and anything else I want as much as I want. I'm not always on top of the newest trends or the hottest runway shows, but I always post about what I'm wearing, but my photography isn't always great and if I do it too much I feel like it looks like I'm self-involved.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I love reading blogs that are just fun. I worship the Fug Girls and keep them in mind whenever I post about celebrity style. Casie Stewart has such a fun, casual style that you can't help but love her.

Who are your style/beauty icons?
I love the ladies who go nuts when it comes to style, like Gaga, Nicki [Minaj], and Rhianna, but I can't relate to them. My ultimate style icon (slash LIFE icon) is Carrie Bradshaw. Whenever I go shopping my motto is WWCW: what would Carrie wear?

Describe your personal style.
I'm a huge old movie buff and right now I'm buying a lot of classic pieces. Tea-length skirts, black capes, wrist-length gloves... I like monochromatic pieces with eclectic accessories that are just this side of wild.

What was the best style/beauty advice you were given?
I credit the best advice ever to both my parents. Mom has always says looking natural is the best way to stay looking youthful, and Dad just always says to be myself and have fun. The two contradict each other on a daily basis (since my fun neon-bright eye shadow and lipstick aren't exactly natural looking) but I manage.

Where are your favourite places to shop?
H&M for closet staples. Forever 21 and Aldo Accessories for accessories. for pieces no one else will have.

What are your favourite trends for this season?
Colours, colours, colours! Rust, mustard, cerulean. I'm so excited that fall and winter aren't just a sea of black and brown.

Style/Beauty Pet Peeves?
Style: Refusal to wear one's actual size.
Beauty: A visible line of concealer at the jaw.

What do you never leave home without?
Chapstick. If I have dry lips, nothing else is on my radar.

What are the five essential items that every woman should own?
Beauty: Lubriderm moisturizer, Sephora black liquid liner, fake eyelashes, hot pink lipstick, Carmex.
Style: black flats, huge statment necklace/ring, something made entirely of sequins, flowy skirt (I swear they make you walk more delicately), cigarette pants

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years?
Hopefully still running and still finding people who like to stop by and read my blog. I also hope to be writing for online outlets.

Random fact about Bee:
I have a notebook filled with book titles and page numbers where I've found spelling/grammatical errors.

Learn more about this fashion (and grammar) fanatic, by bookmarking her blog BeeIsTheNewBlog, and follow the always hilarious conversation on Twitter.

All images courtesy of Bee is the New Blog.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frugalista: September

One of my goals for 2011 was to be more financially responsible. This was easier said than done.

It wasn't until the end of August, or the beginning of what I like to think of as The Season of Kate, that I finally started walking the talk. After reading a wide variety of books (everything from Smart Women Finish Rich and The Smart Cookies' Guide to Earning More Dough to Spend, Earn, Save and The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke) I sat down with my bank and credit card statements and took a long, hard look at where my money was going.

This was not an afternoon of sunshine and lollipops.

I quickly realized that there is nothing more depressing than realizing how much money you spend on clothes and, in my case, at Shoppers. So, I set myself a budget.

My goal wasn't so much to halt my spending, but to keep track of where my money went, and maybe limit how much of it was going to Shoppers each month. I picked an amount to spend on clothing that I thought was reasonable - in the vain of Goldilocks - nothing too big, nothing too small; but, enough that I figured I could get myself something new each month.

Not only did I NOT have beginners luck in my first month of being a frugalista, but I failed miserably. I blame this on the news that I was getting a raise and retro-pay - it only seemed right that I treat myself and spend the money I didn't yet have on pretty things.

Here's what I came home with:

Frugalista: September

Although I love everything that I got, I hope that October is far more successful at sticking to the budget! Only time will tell...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #11

Tonight, I'm taking part in Petite Fashion Challenge No. 11 hosted by Ski Petite


This month's challenge is to "put together an outfit made for sightseeing. It should be one that will be comfortable for walking around in and can last you from the early morning until dinner and drinks in the evening. Plus, you're on vacation, so you'd better make sure you look good in photos, which you'll have for years to come. You can choose just one outfit but vary it by adding or taking off layers or accessories to take you from the a.m. to the p.m. and make one outfit easier to last through the day."

This challenge had me stumped for quite sometime.  It wasn't until my flu quarantine that I was able to rummage through my closet and put together what I consider to be the perfect sightseeing ensemble.

For day time sightseeing I chose a pair of skinny jeans, a colourful, flowy top, and a pair of espadrilles.

As I'm not going travelling anywhere in the near future, I used my imagination for this challenge and dreamed I was going somewhere hot, instead of being at home in chilly Ottawa - that's why I opted for open toed shoes and a tiny tank.

The espadrilles are perfect for pounding the pavement, or strolling along the cobblestone streets.

Top - unknown; Jeans - Mavi; Espadrilles - Aldo
 For nighttime, I chose to throw on a blazer. I love the short over long layers, and how the black makes the colours of the tank pop.

Blazer - Talula
And, if I'm feeling really up for a night out on the town, I would trade my espadrilles for leather heeled booties. Perfect for dancing the night away in any locale!

Booties - le Chateau

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiration Monday

This is my first time linking up with Two Birds' Inspiration Monday.

I was first introduced to Inspiration Mondays by the lovely Tinfoils Tiaras. Every week I make a point of looking at the blog to see what that week's inspiration is, and I have the best of intentions to participate, but somehow the week flies by and next thing I know it's Monday and I have nothing to show for it.

But not this week!

After coming down with the flu mid-week I found myself with more than enough time to rummage though my closet and put together my take on their inspiration.

Sarah Jessica Parker's casual walk-to-school outfit was this week's inspiration.

Here's my take.
Please excuse the lack of shoes.

Jean - Mavi; Shirt - Joe Fresh; Sweater - SmartSet;
Belt - Jacob; Watch - Fossil
I managed to leave the house momentarily to re-stock my soup and tea supply, so I threw on some basic Converse sneakers and aviators to mask my lack-of-makeup face.

Shoes - Converse; Sunglasses - Aldo
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walk on the Wild Side

I've always been a fan of wrap dresses - Kate Middleton's a fan, therefore, so am I - but I'd never owned one... until now! 

On that retro-pay induced shopping trip I took a while back, I finally found one in a print and colour that I loved - so, I obviously had to take it home with me.

This dress has quickly become my go to dress for semi-casual events. I first wore it to an IABC event at the beginning of the month, and I intended to wear it the the re-launch of Be Healthy Be Beautiful Ottawa a few days later, but I unfortunately never made it to the soiree as I was stuck at work.

However, had I been able to make it, I know it would have been the perfect dress!

I find this dress to be extremely flattering - hugs all the right curves, but also hides anything that you want to hide - my only qualm with it is it tends to blow open when I'm crossing the street - but other than being a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, it's fabulous!

I'm now on the hunt for more - who wouldn't want a closet full of wrap dress!?

Dress - Jacob; Shoes - Aldo; Watch - Fossil
Not this lady, that's for sure!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sick Days

Mid-week, out of nowhere, I came down with the flu. So, for the next few days, this will be my office.

Comfy and cozy, I think a few days of rest is exactly what this petite needs after two busy weeks of adventuring.

And it doesn't hurt that I have a backlog of fashion mags to go through. 

So, I'm taking this respite as an opportunity to seek out some sartorial inspiration and dig myself out of the outfit and blogging rut I feel that I've been in the last little while.

Good for me, great for you! Sometimes sick days come at the best of times.

And, at least I can gaze out over the streets of Paris while I lounge.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Quote: Gwen Stefani

As I was going through my back log of magazines this afternoon I came across this quote from Gwen Stefani in Instyle: "The first time I went to a couture show, I cried. I thought, this is my world— where have I been?"

Earlier this month I had the same reaction while watching the David McCaffrey runway show at Ottawa Fashion Week. There was something about the combination of the gorgeous haute couture wedding gowns, the styling and the music that literally sent shivers through my body.

As I sat there watching the models strut the runway, I had a moment, and thought: "This is my world, where have I been."

It's amazing how fashion can move and unite us.

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Style Profile: Toronto Beauty Reviews

Meet Elaine. Fashionista. Beauty Expert. Petite. These are just some of the many words that describe this Toronto-based blogger. Covering everything from industry events, to the latest in beauty and fashion trends, her site, Toronto Beauty Reviews is your one stop show for everything fashionable.

In this week's style profile, we learn more about the petite behind the site - what she loves, likes and loathes - everything from Kate Middleton to leggings as pants, and why less is always more.

Name: Elaine
Age: 33
Occupation: Pharmaceuticals Industry / Avon and Mark representative

When and why did you start your site?
I first started a petite style site in July of 2010 to get advice from other petites. I think started a beauty reviews site in fall 2010 to share my love of all things beauty with friends and customers. Maintaining two blogs became a bit too overwhelming for me so in spring 2011 I decided to merge the two.

How would you describe your site?
On my site you will find my personal and honest opinions on beauty and skincare products. I also write about beauty and fashion events in the city of Toronto and I love to feature local businesses. You will also find posts reflecting my personal style - I love hearing the opinions of others so I try to ask for advice where I can.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Style and beauty inspiration are everywhere! I love blogging and reading blogs because I get so much inspiration from regular people like myself. I do love flipping through magazines, but that's exactly what I do... I flip. I don't seem to retain the information as the fashion spreads usually are not relatable to me. Style and beauty can be extremely creative and "out there" which is amazing, but it has to be able to work for my lifestyle and budget.

Who are your style/beauty icons?
I'm actually loving Kate Middleton's style right now. Some may say she's boring, but I just believe she knows what works for her and what's flattering on  her body. She also knows what's appropriate for her lifestyle. I can appreciate classiness and elegance. As for beauty icons, I have always loved Christy Turlington. She is absolutely beautiful on the outside and she is also very spiritual which is one very important reason that I believe she seems to remain ageless.

Describe your personal style.
I would say I am definitely more conservative, though I like to take risks with colour and accessories. I am VERY girly; I love wearing dresses and skirts, but I can also live in jeans. I like to feel put together but comfortable.

What was the best style/beauty advice you were given?
Less is more. I think this works for both style and beauty.

Where are your favourite places to shop?
H&M is always my go to for trendier pieces, although lately they've had some really great basic blazers. Being a petite I have fit issues so unfortunately a lot of stores don't carry clothes that I can fit into without altering. I've had really great luck shopping in the US at Ann Taylor and Loft, and also at Banana Republic Factory.

I have also been shopping a lot on blog sales! Since some of my favourite bloggers are about the same size as I am, I'm usually guaranteed a great fit.

What are your favourite trends for this season?
In beauty, I'm loving the bold dark lip. I'm not sure I can pull it off, but I love seeing it on others! I'm also really glad that Bordeaux seems to be in for fall. It's one of my favourite colours, I think it's so rich and warm. I can't wait to pick up pieces in this colours!

Style/Beauty Pet Peeves?
Style pet peeves, I have a few. One is when girls wear leggings as pants, without their shirts covering their bums. No matter how fit you are, leggings are not flattering in the rear area.
Another is when pants are so low I can see your underwear, or worse your thong. That's not sexy.
Beauty pet peeves, I guess it's that foundation line at the jawline, or dark lip liner with light lipstick, I don't understand why that was ever a trend (but thankfully I don't think anyone does this anymore.)

What are the five essentials that every woman should own?
Blazer, great jeans, heels that you feel great in AND are comfortable, perfume, and a pink hued top (it just brings so much life and attention to your face)

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years?
I would love to still be writing for my site in five years, and be more involved in the beauty and fashion industry rather than in the Pharmaceutical industry. Beauty and fashion just suits my personality more.

Learn more about Toronto Beauty Reviews by visiting the site or follow along on Twitter.

All images courtesy of Toronto Beauty Reviews.


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