Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dress for the Job You Want

One of the greatest pieces of career-related advice I was ever given was: Dress for the job you want. It helps you present your best self to current (and future) employers. Plus, the majority of your time at work, so why not look your best. 

I love my current job; I have the freedom to try new things, and suggest new concepts, but I have the structure and support that any 20-something needs in those first few year. But, when it comes to fashion that's something that the majority of my office lacks (thankfully my director is quite the fashionista). So, when I walk in having dressed for my dream job at VOGUE/FLARE/FASHION, I tend to stand out. And this look was no exception.

It's a simple silhouette and basic colours, but there's something about this outfit that I love - maybe it was the fact that a colleague told me I had vamp appeal, in a good way. That's not a word that anyone has ever used to describe me, so I was loving it!

I also love the unexpectedness of the lace tights. They definitely took this look from basic to fantastic.

Shirt - Smart Set; Skirt - Jacob; Tights - Zellers; Boots - Aldo

Even though my current job isn't with VOGUE/FLARE/FASHION, at least this look let me play the part, if only for a day.

What do you wear to play the part?

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  1. I love the lace tights peeking out - so cute. Recently found your blog and am following now!

    vlace, etc.

  2. I fully agree with that quote - you should always dress for what you want. It's a fake it till you make it approach that I think is especially useful in something as aesthetically driven as fashion! Love this professional but chic look.

    Alexandra xo

  3. Ahh I love this look! Those lace tights totally rock and you look awesome! Professional but super fashionable - a great combination that can be hard to get right. You nailed it!

  4. Dressing for the job you want is always somewhere between fun and awkward - I use the same reasoning as you; I spend most of my life at work, so I want to look good. But that often means standing out among my older and non-fashion-conscious co-workers. You absolutely nailed this look; I love the combination of your pencil skirt and boots!



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