Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flaunt Ottawa

Ottawa's most fabulous and fashionable were out in full force on Friday night to support Kania, Ovarian Cancer Canada and FLAUNT what they've got!

When I walked into the Trillium Ballroom at the Ottawa Convention Centre I was blown away! FLAUNT was described as an Escape to Indulgence and it more than delivered on it's promise.

With mini-boutiques of fabulous jewellery and clothing designers set up throughout the ballroom, and DJs Select and Magnificent playing the hottest beats, I happily shopped the night away with my delicious FLAUNTini in one hand and my bag of candy, courtesy of HCM Works and Sugar Mountain, in the other - okay, there were three bags.

When it became too much for me to hold my martini glass, I strutted my way over to the Thann Skincare table and indulged in a wonderful hand treatment. Never have my hands felt so soft; seriously, I spent a good portion of the night rubbing my hand against my cheek. Yes, I realize it's weird, but they were so soft, I just couldn't stop myself. (PA's Note: They're still so soft, I'm rubbing one against my cheek as I type.)

In addition to the fantastic shopping, The Loft and Murale were on hand providing free blowouts and makeup touch-ups, and Maria Threading Zone was there making sure everyone's brows were polished. Had the lines not been wrapping around the room, I would have totally scored myself a touch-up; but alas, it wasn't meant to be. I have to say that I was mighty jealous of everyone who did get touched-up - they looked fabulous!

Although I perused all of the racks several times, I only came away with one piece - a cute dress from Paper Planes, courtesy of Milk Shop's mini-boutique. But, this wasn't for lack of options. More than a few things caught my eye, but by the time I got my petite hands on the hangers, my size had been snatched up. I'm taking this as a sign from the universe that it wasn't meant to be. sigh.

Just as I was finishing up my shopping Boom 99.7 DJ Kim Sullivan called everyone to the dance floor as the Kania Fashion Show was about to begin!


After a quick presentation, the models mingled throughout the ballroom wearing the gorgeous Kania dresses, jumpsuits, and feathered head pieces in the most vibrant colours. Everything that the models were wearing was up for auction with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Ovarian Cancer Canada. And, one didn't have to worry if they weren't model sized; the designs would be customized to fit the winners. Customized couture for a good cause - what more could you ask for?!


I'm not going to lie, I was obsessed with the headpieces. I don't know what I would do with one, or where I would wear it, but I am seriously coveting them. And the more I think about it, the more confident I am that I would be able to rock one - and think of how tall I'd look!

The outfit

I was having one of those days; okay, I was having one of those weeks. Nothing was working for me, and nothing in my closet seemed Flaunt-worthy. So, with four hours left before the party, I was running around Rideau Centre like the crazy petite that I am, frantically searching for the right dress. After four stores I found what I was looking for: modern elegance.


I don't normally gravitate towards the mullet dress, but Flaunt wasn't any normal event.

Dress - Old Navy; Belt - Jacob;
Clutch - Le Chateau; Boots, Necklace - Aldo; Watch - Fossil

Flaunt was an absolutely fabulous event! Thank you to Stacey Bafi-Yeboa, the creative genius behind Kania, for organizing such an amazing night! I'm already counting down the days until I can FLAUNT it again next year.

Thanks to Marcia B. Creative for being such an amazing shopping partner!

Thank you to all of the sponsors for providing delcious drinks, yummy treats, great entertainment and so much more: ARC The Hotel, Boom 99.7, Boston Pizza Orleans, Cherry Blossom Pole Dance Studio, Glow Magazine, HCM Works, The Loft, Moksha Yoga Ottawa, Murale, Ottawa Magazine, Responsible Choice, Star Motors Mercedes Benz, Sugar Mountain, SynSue, Via Rail, Voulez Vous Boudoir Photography, and the always fabulous Twenty York Street.

Also a huge thank you to everyone involved, Aleksandra Jewellery, Demu Label, Desperately Different, Dj Magnificent, Dj Select, Dylan Ribkoff, frAsh, iStyle Originals, Karamea, Leah Bazian, Love Headmistress, MAFIA Jewellery, Miz Dragonfly, Moxy Maus, Pish Posh Jewellery, Rachel Sin, Rimanchik, Shibang Designs, Susana Erazo, Thann Skincare, The Milk, and Tresnormale.



  1. I kind of love the mullet dress! It makes you look super tall too, which in my books is always a plus!

    urgh, I'm so upset I had to miss it! I was looking forward to flaunt for weeks but had a deadline pushed up at the last minute... glad you had a blast though! I think Stacey makes everything a million times more fun :)

  2. I am in love with your dress! its beautiful and I do have to say that I am trully enjoying the headpieces too!

  3. Sounds like so much fun-next year I'll be there for sure! Marcia is a sweetheart-glad she got to be your shopping buddy. I love your 'mullet' dress-stunning! See you tomorrow bright & early :)

  4. OO just saw this post, you looked so classic & chic that night, perfect attire, had loads of fun with you, can't wait till we see each other again! xo



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