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Style Profile: I Love Denham

Name: Alana Denham Albrecht
Age: 27
Occupation: Assistant Manager at a fitness studio
Location: Kelowna, BC

When and why did you start your site? 
I've been devouring fashion blogs for awhile, and had always had a passion for fashion, but at the time I was in University studying science...quite the opposite of my passion!  I really wanted to do something in the fashion arena, and I was lacking an outlet where I could express myself. My husband, Rhys provided so much encouragement in the beginning and helped me build my site as well as taking pictures of me every day. Now he acts as my business manager, and its been fun to work together.

How would you describe your site? 
My site is my personal style blog dedicated to showcasing creative fashion and style. I love posting on trends, personal style and beauty while show casing beautiful high quality photography. My husband is a photographer, and we love coming up with photo shoot ideas to show case on the blog. Rhys also does a lot of the backend work on the site, and it really is a collaboration between us.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everything and anything; TV, magazines, people walking down the street, friends, movies, I'm always on the look out for beautiful and interesting things.

Who are your style/beauty icons?
I've been asked this question numerous times, and I never know quite how to answer it. I've never been one to have a defined style, so I usually find myself pulling inspiration from many many women. Of course there are the obvious influences from women like Bridget Bardot, with her winged eyeliner and her signiture coif, Audrey Hepburn for her grace and elegence, and Marilyn Munro for her sex appeal, but I also love girls like Beyonce (the way that girl wears shorts is beyond), Eva Mendes (I can't get enough of her bombshell look), and Jessica Simpson who, yes, at times looks like she just threw on whatever was within arms reach...but you know what? Sometimes I roll out of the house with uggs boots and a huge hoodie on too. I'm just glad I don't get photographed in it. 

Describe your personal style.
Another tricky question for'd think I'd have a prepared answer by now! I think I'm best described as Trendy Meets Girly. I never want to look too girly or classic, so I end up throwing on something unexpected.

What was the best style/beauty advice you were given? 
To take care of my skin! I have very dry fair skin, so the future is not looking so hot for me. Knowing your skin type and the products that work for you is huge. My mom started gifting me with luxurious skin care products, and once I saw how much better my skin was with the right products, I was hooked.  I'll invest in skin care over a lot of other things because I'm a big believer that if your skin and hair look healthy, you'll look beautiful no matter what clothes you're wearing.

Where are your favourite places to shop? I live four hours from the nearest large city centre, so I've become very creative when it comes to shopping.  Essentially, I'll shop anywhere. I always have very specific items I'm looking for, so if the items on my list can be found at Superstore or Urban Planet, then that's just great! I have a few local boutiques that I just adore, and when I do end up going to the city, I head straight to Zara and H&M.

What are your favourite trends for this season?
Pastels, I can't wait to get my hands on some mint green! I love mixing colors, so I'm excited to start mixing pastels and neons and neutrals. I'm also loving patterned pants (definitely will be picking up a pair of leopard ones), and I can't wait to try the short suit. I'm also loving snakeskin, metallics, and sheer right now.

Style/Beauty Pet Peeve?
I've just realized that I hate it when girls wear too much bronzer. Putting it all over ones face is just not a good look. I like it for contouring and contrast, best done by applying it where the sun would actually hit your face. I'm sure that I've abused it in the past myself, but thank goodness I've been learning to apply makeup better!

What do you never leave home without?
My iPad! I'm obsessed with that thing. I've walked out of my house forgetting my wallet more times than I can count, but I always seem to remember my iPad.

What are your five essential items that you think every woman should own?
A boyfriend blazer, patent pumps, silk blouse, statement jewelry, and an amazing leather motorcycle jacket!  Oh, I just realize I didn't mention pants...but those are obvious right?

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years?
Paris Fashion week! I'll be covering it for a major fashion publication.

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