Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Ways

Now that I'm an old lady my weekend routine has changed. No longer do I get up and watch cartoons, but I lounge in bed with coffee while catching up on the week's news (fashion news that is).

Once I'm all caught up, I like to clean my apartment - there's something so satisfying about having a clean home for the weekend. Plus, I'm like a mini-tornado throughout the week, so it has to be done. This weekend, after vacuuming and doing the dishes I decided to set myself up a new work station.

It used to be located in a small, dark corner of my living room right near the bedroom.

But that locale didn't seems to inspire creativity. So, I shifted it across the room.

 Much better. 

Now, I'm able to gaze out the window when I'm stuck on a thought. Plus, being right next to the radiator, it's nice and cozy. I hope my new work locale will be inspiring.

The tools every fashion blogger needs - pens, pencils, to do list, thank you cards,
stiletto desk ornament (that doubles as a bottle opener)
It's working already!

I wish I looked this good while working

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  1. I too am like a tornado of destruction during the week so all day Sunday (and most of Sat evening) I spent cleaning, doing laundry and organizing files- very therapeutic (except it's already starting to get messy again-urgh!)

    1. My cleanliness definitely did not last long enough. To look at my apartment on Sunday night you wouldn't have known I'd cleaned at all :( One day I will conquer the cleaning beast.

  2. I go through real phases of being tidy vs being a complete mess, and sadly, I'm in the mess stage! I need to take after you and be a bit tidier haha. Love the clean and calm work area!

    Alexandra xo

    1. I wish I could say the clean lasted longer. By the end of the weekend Hurricane Kate had blown through. I don't know how but it seems like everything I own is on my coffee table. But at least the desk is still tidy haha



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