Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad Luck

Cardigan - Zara; Tanks - Smart Set & American Apparel; Skirt - Jacob
Tights - Zellers; Boots - Aldo

Last week was not my week.

It all started on Sunday, when a random red light I've never seen before lit up on my Tassimo coffee machine. I'd already made my morning coffee so I choice to ignore it and focus on more important things, like getting ready for Harvest Noir.

Monday morning the ominous red light was still on; the water tank was full, so after pushing the button a few times hoping it would cure itself, I was out of ideas. Frantically, I turned to Google and that's when my world came shattering down around me - my Tassimo needed to be descaled. I had no clue what that meant.

Over the next few days I tried everything: lemon juice and water, filtered water; nothing was working. Giving up on natural remedies, I even went on the hunt for descaler, literally running across town to locate this product that I'm now convinced doesn't exist. That's when I turned to a radical google-suggested solution: Orange Kool-aid.  Surprisingly, it worked like a charm. Tassimo was on the mend, life was good again.

Or so I thought.

I turned a blind eye on the coffee machine for two minutes and that's when it decided to flood my kitchen, sending two juice glasses sliding off the counter and smashing onto the floor.

So, there I was, picking up glass and moping in my PJs at midnight. Not too fun or fashionable.

To cheer myself up the next morning, and celebrate the return of my morning cup of coffee, I pulled together a look to make it appear that the horrors of the week hadn't happened. The tights may have been a bad idea on such a warm fall day, but I had my morning cup of coffee; nothing could phase me.

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  1. Ugh I can only imagine how annoying that was, no coffee for me = no fun for anyone else haha. I'm sure this week will be a huge improvement :)

    Alexandra xo


  2. God that sounds very annoying. Oh well at least you look great!

  3. Gorgeous! Your blog is really amazing!




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