Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is Why We're Friends

Dress - Old Navy; Tights - Zellers;
Wedges - Aldo; Watch - Fossil

Last week, while chatting with a friend, I was bemoaning the fact that in all of our technical advances, we still hadn't figured out a way to have laundry do itself. As I was beginning to brainstorm about starting an agency for life interns she blurted out: "Why don't you treat yourself to new outfit?"

This is why we're friends; she's a genius.

However, there was one minor flaw in the plan - I've put myself on a shopping ban for the month of October. After a few more minutes of brainstorming I realized I had some Visa Rewards points I could cash in for a gift card. With just a couple clicks of the mouse, I was now the proud owner of a brand new dress.

Plus, it matches quite well with the red and white animal print shirt I wore in yesterday's post. You see, everybody wins!

Let's Connect:


  1. theres nothing like "free" stuff hehe
    Im trying not to spend myself but I just love all these fall fashions! :(

    I am having a giveaway so I hope you'll stop by and enter : )


  2. Love when something like that happens! Glad you were able to score this new dress, it looks awesome! Hope you're having a great week xo

  3. SO creative. Nice job using your visa points to get around the shopping ban! Love the idea, I may have to steal it. Pretty dress too!



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