Sunday, October 9, 2011

Holidays, Celebrate!

A few months ago, as I was newly un-unemployed I read the book "Nice Girls Don't Get Rich" hoping that it would inspire me to be frugal and financially responsible. For the most part it didn't; I like shoes and dresses way too much. However, I did learn a few things - for example, not using all of the paid vacation days given to you is not good. Not only are you basically throwing free money down the drain, there are actual health benefits from taking time off: "A 20 year study (The Framingham Heart Study) found that women who took two or more vacations a year cut their chance of a fatal heart attack in half as compared with women who took no vacation." Dr. Lois Frankel

So, long story short, I'm doing myself a favour and taking off to the West Coast for a few days to eat turkey and spend time with family, and these two loveable beasts:

Who can say no to those scrunchy, confused faces?!

In honour of my fleeing to the wet coast, Petite Adventures is going to feature five days of style profiles showcasing some of Vancouver's most fashionable and inspiring bloggers. 

Trust me, you don't want to miss the BC Style Profiles Series - these ladies dispel the rumours that all anybody wears in Vancouver are Lululemons and Hunter boots. They know fashion - and over the next five days you'll get to know them all.

Monday: Loren  - Little Lo Loves 
Tuesday: Alexandra - To Vogue or Bust
Wednesday: Kelsey - The Anthology
Thursday: Lisa - SoloLisa
Friday: Olivia - StyleStruck


  1. That sounds like an interesting book. Hope you enjoy your well-deserved break!



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