Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Pearls

Cardigan - Joe Fresh; T-shirt - Old Navy; Skirt & Tights - Jacob
Boots & Pendant - Aldo

 It seems like the theme of this week is: the uglier the weather, the brighter the clothes.

Yesterday, a day that called for freezing rain, I decided it was only fitting to wear my bright red pencil skirt to work. To let the red pop and be the focus of the ensemble, I decided to stick with classic pieces and monochromatic colours for the rest of the look. Throw in a few pearls and a golden leaf, and I was basically a walking billboard for spring - I really am doing everything I can to channel the warmer, dryer weather.

Some days all you need is a little pop of colour and a few pearls to take you away from the snow and sleet.

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  1. I love everything about this outfit, so chic. You have also just given me inspiration of how to wear my polka dot tights, so thank you for that! I need to go buy myself a red pencil skirt now haha :)

    Janine xx
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  2. Such a lovely red skirt! I wish it was spring too :(

    1. Thanks Jenna - at least we're half way there!

  3. So inspiring honey,bravo!

  4. I've been turning to bright colours more recently too. Must be the constant wish of spring! Love the skirt.

  5. Ha ha ha, I've definitely been doing the ugly-weather/bright-clothes thing too! It just seems to put me in a better mood. I LOVE your skirt. I can't believe I don't own a red skirt. I need to get one asap.

    xo Jenny


  6. Love the red skirt! It'll be perfect to brighten up any dreary days! And your necklace is so pretty.

  7. Very cute outfit here! I agree, the colder the weather the brighter the clothes need to be!

  8. Always love a pop of red in an ensemble! And I agree - the more dismal the day, the brighter the colours i want to wear to counteract the doldrums!

    1. I've realized it's the only way to get through this bleak season. Plus, who doesn't love a good pop of red?!


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