Monday, January 16, 2012

From Point A to Point B

One of the joys of living in Ottawa is that during the winter you leave the house looking like this...

..when you really want to look like this.

This is the story of last Friday, when Mother Nature decided to dishonour our agreement (of not snowing when I'm in town; she did great and held off on winter until after I left for the holidays, but I guess asking for a winter without snow was too much) and dump snow/ice rain on the city.

Although the conditions were frightful, I took it as the perfect opportunity to debut my new winter boots. They're amazing - I walked through every puddle/slush pile I could find and my feet were bone-dry upon arriving at work (disclaimer: my walk is only eight minutes, but there was a lot of slush between point A and point B).

Coat - Aritzia; Boots - Super Fit Abaka Winter Boots
As soon as I got to work, I changed into my daytime look, debuting my Joe Fresh coloured jeans. I've wanted to jump on the coloured denim train for a while now, but was having a hard time finding a shade that I liked. That is until I came across these bad boys. It was love at first sight, but I didn't buy them right away. It took a full-day of thinking about them before I finally went back and made them mine.

Scarf & Sweater - H&M; Jeans - Joe Fresh; Heels - Aldo; Watch - Fossil

I'm very pleased with the results - the jeans were the perfect pop of colour on such an abhorrent day. I'm looking forward to styling them throughout the Winter and well into Spring!

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  1. I LOVE your outfit! The coloured jeans are the perfect shade. And I definitely know what you mean about Friday. I was visiting a friend downtown Ottawa and walking on the sidewalks was a nightmare. Thank god I had enough sense to put on my "real" winter boots before leaving...



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