Friday, January 6, 2012

Style Profile: Miss Melissa

Meet Melissa. A Vancouver fashion blogger with a passion for life, style and vintage fashion. Her site, Miss Melissa, is a personal style blog of photos showcasing her awesome style. When she's not showcasing her fabulous use of colour, pattern and texture, she shares other events in her life with a few odd recipes thrown in for good fun.

Name: Melissa Knight
Age: 29
Occupation: Restaurant Manager and Shift Management Facilitator for McDonalds Restaurants
Location: Vancouver

When and why did you start your site? 
I started my blog in 2006 as an online diary that a few friends could read. When Facebook came along that seemed like an easy way to share way too much information with friends so my blog seemed unnecessary.  My blog started up again a few years ago after some encouragement from friends and last year it became a style blog. My blog has always just been a place where I can express myself and be creative. 

Where do you get your inspiration?  
Other blogs as well as magazines. I have gotten to know so many of Vancouver's style bloggers that they have become a huge source of inspiration for me.

Who are your style/beauty icons? 
Olivia Palermo, The Olsen's, Rachel Bilson, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Blair of Atlantic Pacific are just a few.

Describe your personal style. 
It's not really something I can define, but I do appreciate simple elegance.

What was the best style/beauty advice you were given? 
To be confident no matter what I wear. And to keep my skin clean and moisturized!

Where are your favourite places to shop? 
Zara,, H&M and Club Monaco have been my go-to stores lately. I also love Deluxe Junk, a vintage shop in Vancouver.

What are your favourite trends for this season? 
I've never been huge on trends. This fall my closet is full of rich colors, luxurious fabrics, midi/maxi skirts, blazers and a few faux fur pieces. 

Style/Beauty Pet Peeve? 
Tights worn as pants

What do you never leave home without? 
My cell phone - I hate to say that I feel lost without it.

What are your five essential items that you think every woman should own? 
The perfect pair of jeans, a LBD that makes her feel amazing, a pair of stunning heels that can be worn all night without pain, red lipstick and  a classic black blazer.

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years? 
I'm sure I should have some sort of aggressive plan with targets and graphs but as long as I can write and connect with readers I'll be happy.

What's on your nightstand? 
An alarm clock and a lamp. 

Tell Petite Adventures readers something random about yourself. 
I can stand on my head for an oddly long time. 

All images courtesy of Miss Melissa.



  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! It's always so funny to see a mix of blonde and brunette photos haha.


  2. lovely profile, have a great weekend!



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