Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Tradition!

Sweater - Old Navy; Vest - Forever 21; Belt - Joe Fresh;
Jeans - Mavi; Boots - Aldo; Watch - Fossil

Just like last year, I decided that what our office holiday party needed was a dose of yeti-chic. So, I brought out the faux-fur vest, which hasn't seen any action since this time last year.

This faux-fur vest is the definition of man repelling: every woman in my office loves it and compliments it; the men ask what shag carpet I used to make it. Even with my healthy sense of humour (I tell them it's muppet) comments like that do cause a small rush of embarrassment. No one wants to walk around feeling like they look ridiculous. But, in keeping with my 2012 New Year's resolution of not being afraid to stand out, instead of letting it bring me down I thought of the wise words of Shannon Fitzgerald (courtesy of Aya McMillan's piece "Mind Over Mode" in December's FLARE Magazine): "Why should I let somebody else's opinion detract from how good I felt when I left the house? Even with something as seemingly innocuous as clothes, it makes me feel confident out in the world and, I believe, attracts better things that are truly in alignment with who I am."

So, I wore my vest with pride all day Friday as I enjoyed lunch and laughs with colleagues and toasted the holiday season. Because nothing says the holidays more than being yeti-chic.

Happy Monday!

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  1. if it were up to men, we'd be wearing short bandage dresses all the time! i think you look fabulous, and i love that true!

  2. As long as one is comfortable in her own skin it doesn't matter what the rest of the world think about her style, I think. :)

  3. Love the fur!! Tres belle


    Nike O.

  4. im loving the f21 vest! you look stylish and sweet : )

    a little muppet can go a long way haha

  5. Love your vest & polka dot top!
    You'll find the trendiest little things at F21.

    Follow for a Follow? I give hugs through the computer!
    xo, ArtistaHop

  6. I am loving the polka dot top. GIVE IT TO ME! Haha!

    Corinne x

    1. hahah thanks - it was such a fluke find at Old Navy. It's definitely one of my favs :)

  7. Is it weird that I remember your yeti chic post from last year? Hope not.. ;)
    I love the fur vest! Typically men don't understand fashion. It's quite sad...

    1. hahah not at all!
      Thanks Kelly - it amazes me what men like/don't like. I always think "Are we looking at the same thing?!" Their taste is just so... different... haha

  8. Honestly, although I'm surprisingly not a huge fan of the Man Repeller, I think having the confidence to wear so-called "man repelling" clothes, like this fabulous vest, is a testament to true style. All that matters is what makes you feel good :) And I love your polkadot top peeking out from underneath!

  9. If you love a piece, I say wear it with pride! Love this look!

  10. Love the tradition. Any stares or moments of embarrassment are worth it. Mostly just means they don't have the guts that you do! Great look.



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