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Style Profile: The Eternal Optimist

Name:  Darcy Boucher           
Age: 24
Occupation: PR/Communications student by day, blogger & fashionista by night
Location: Ottawa

When and why did you start your site?
 When you study communications, all of your professors constantly harp on you about how crucial it is to blog. My first attempt at blogging was a few years back, but it was solely for school and I quickly lost interest. I started The Eternal Optimist in May of 2012 based on my best friends suggestion, she told me "Darcy you always have great style and find THE best deals…you should write a blog about it and share your tips with the rest of us." So that is precisely what I did. I wanted to write about something I was truly passionate about (fashion) and that I would actually stick with.

How would you describe your site?
I see my site is an extension of my style and personality. I would describe my personal style as feminine and classic, but that being said, I am still a student and don’t really have the budget that my style requires, therefore it is necessary to come up with creative ways to mix and match less expensive pieces with investment ones and find a way to have my personal style shine through, despite my budget limitations. Creativity is key and The Eternal Optimist is meant to help women who feel my pain find affordable styles.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere. I frequent the mall often. Way too often. Even when I don’t buy, I constantly window-shop and check out what styles are available out there. Also, if you do window-shop a lot you will be up-to-date on pricing and will recognize deals that much easier.

Who are your style/beauty icons?
Classic beauties such as Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn etc. I love Lana del Rey’s vintage style and I am huge fan of Lea Michele and love her character’s recent makeover on Glee.  

Describe your personal style.
The styles I usually gravitate to are all very sophisticated, classy and feminine. I yearned to be brought up in a different era (think the 50s), the days where women dressed elegantly and embraced their womanly figures. Give me anything that has lace, a bow, is pink or is in the form of a dress and I will be a happy gal.

 What was the best style/beauty advice you were given?
Two of my favorite quotes are "You can never be too overdressed or overeducated" and "Life is too short to wear boring clothes," and I couldn’t agree more with those statements. Life IS too short, try that edgy hairstyle or daring trend now! You will regret it when you are too old to do so. If you know me, you are well aware of how much I agree with the first statement. It is always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed, if for no more than to feel good about yourself and use your favorite pieces that you may not get to break out that often. This could be tied back into the “life is too short” concept; if you wait and wait for that special day to use your beloved item, well hunny, that day may never come!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Forever 21 is amazing for basics and trendy pieces you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on. H&M and Zara always have the European flair that I adore. Ralph Lauren is definitely a favorite as well, and Jacob is a beautiful showcase of Canadian clothing. In all honesty I can shop almost everywhere, literally from Bluenotes to BCBG. It is all about discovering that one great piece and incorporating it into your wardrobe.

 What are your favourite trends for this season?
I am loving the peplum style and am so happy that is forecasted to stick around for spring. Two-tone riding boots are something I have been coveting for quite some time now, and I think the fur vest/piece trend is perfect for winter and it just screams luxury and lavishness. (Faux fur of course, no critters will be harmed because of my closet!)

Style/Beauty Pet Peeve?
Just one? Where to even start, I could name a whole list but  a few of the ones that grace my top 10 list would definitely have to be socks with sandals and corduroy pants (or corduroy anything for that matter). Also, one last one, shorts/mini skirts with Ugg boots. Ladies, pick a season and stick with it. Please.

What do you never leave home without?
Phone Charger, Nivea fruity shine lip bam in strawberry, whatever book I am currently reading, and of course, a smile.

What are your five essential items that you think every woman should own?
I think it is absolutely necessary to invest in products/items that you use on a day-to-day basis. Every woman should have a quality face cleanser that works for her skin type, an excellent curling iron, a string of pretty pearls, a classic trench and that perfect little black dress.

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years?
In 5 years? Oh gosh I’ll be almost I have to think about that already? Alright, well if I really must, I see myself living a double life between Canada and somewhere tropical, achieving my entrepreneurial aspirations (owning a boutique or two, among other things) and still writing/blogging as much as my heart pleases.

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All images courtesy of The Eternal Optimist.

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  1. Thanks so much Kate!
    It's a pleasure and honour to be able to grace the pages of Petite Adventures!

    Happy Friday and hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

    Darcy xxx
    The Eternal Optimist

  2. Loved the style profile! It's so fun getting to know Ottawa bloggers more :)

  3. I like her choice of style icons (and her yen for two-toned boots...those styles always catch my eye when window-shopping).

  4. Love the post:)
    Interested in following each other?
    Best, Zia

  5. Your outfit is so pretty hun! I love your blog(: Newest follower right here!
    xoxo, Gena
    Visit my fashion blog at Pearls, Curls, and Uptown Girls

  6. Thanks for sharing her blog! I hadn't seen it before and I like that her style looks approachable and her personality seems to shine through her pics!

    Btw, I'm now hosting Petite Fashion Challenge (#22) and I hope you can join. You have 3 more weeks till post date and if you do any shopping before then you will be performing the challenge ;) Come to my blog for more info A Preponderance of Fashion

  7. What a lovely post. I'm going to try that Nivea lip balm.. sounds delightful. :)

  8. Shannon, the lip balm is amazing! it nourishes your lips and also provides just a smidgen of colour. The perfect amount actually! Let me know how you make out with it :)

    Thank you all for the comments, nice to meet you all! Kate has excellent judgement in style and people ;)

    The Eternal Optimist

  9. adorable interview!




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