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Style Profile: Dollar Foolish. Closet Wise

Name: Sheryl
Age: Forever young
Occupation: Financial services by day; blogger by night
Location: Vancouver, B.C.

When and why did you start your site?
May 18, 2012. Initially, I began my blog to share with people my fashion and beauty wants and desires, as well as, what inspires me and my style. I have somewhat of a shopping addiction and I thought that by sharing my wishes virtually would help prevent me from spending when not necessary. In late 2012, I decided to start sharing outfit posts of myself in an effort to combat the generalization in this society that you have to look a certain way or be a certain size to be considered fashionable/beautiful/stylish/trendy.

How would you describe your site?
I would describe my site as a place people can stop by to learn a make-up trick or two, to get ideas for products to try and a place where women of all sizes can feel inspired to try wearing or styling something they didn’t think they could.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From so many places! I love getting ideas from celebrities, visual window displays, magazines, other bloggers and online e-commerce sites.

Who are your style/beauty icons?
You know, people love to bash them and very few people I know admit to liking them, but I really do like the Kardashians. I love how each sister sports their own look, both clothing and make-up wise. But if we take fashion and style aside, they have shown us that we shouldn’t hide our curves, but embrace them. My beauty icons would have to be Dita Von Teese , Lana Del Rey and Adele, for their make-up always looking so perfect and precise!

Describe your personal style.
I think I’m somewhere in between romantic and classic, with a touch of modern and vintage. I love pairing ‘dressy’ and ‘casual’ items together, like a t-shirt with flashy jewelry and pairing that with either jeans or a skirt. I don’t really believe in reserving certain looks or accessories for either day or night. I think you can make anything work – no matter what the hour!

What was the best style/beauty advice you were given?
I think it was something Stacey London said during an episode of What Not To Wear. Something along the lines of we’re always beautiful - even when we’re a size we’re not happy with. It’s very easy to under-value ourselves because we’re not happy with the size we’re at, which then transitions into the mindset of thinking we don’t deserve a new dress or a new pair of jeans, etc. Anyone can look good, no matter what their size and she reminded me of that.

Where are your favourite places to shop?
I don’t have favourite places to shop so much as I do have favourite brands and labels. Despite the stigma of department stores, they probably top my list of places to shop for the sheer variety and the fact that many of the higher end ones have really adapted to the times and carry many brands that were once-upon-a-time exclusive to small boutiques. I love finding designer deals at The Outnet and trendy pieces at ASOS. I also love the hunt for designer goods within local consignment shops.

What are your favourite trends for this season?
I’m already imagining sunnier days, which has me thinking into spring. I’m ready to embrace the color emerald in every way possible! I’m also looking forward to incorporating graphic prints.

Style/Beauty Pet Peeve?
I have two. Beauty-wise it has to be unmanaged, unruly, effortless eyebrows!!! The second would have to be wearing leggings as pants, which I can’t believe still needs to be discussed. I don’t doubt for a second we’ve all be unwillingly privy to seeing someone do this. At the very least, just don’t bend over!

What do you never leave home without?
I never leave home without a red lipstick in my bag. You never know what occasion may surprisingly come up. It’s a saving grace to looking put together in a matter of seconds!

What are your five essential items that you think every woman should own?
Only five? Well, then it would have to be:
  1. A red lipstick.
  2. Tweezers.
  3. A well-made handbag.
  4. A knee-length trench or well made wool coat (depending on the needs within your climate).
  5. Tailored fitting black dress.

I like to invest on the outward pieces first, then  work my way in.

Where do you see yourself and your site in five years?
I would love to still be involved in the blogging world, setting an example that style comes in every size. I’ve always dreamed of having my own boutique, either brick and mortar or e-commerce and I would love to one day have my own clothing line. In five years from now if I’m not doing either one of those, I’d definitely like to be very close to launching one or both.

You can find Sheryl online at:

Happy Friday!

All images courtesy of Dollar Foolish. Closet Wise.

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  1. Great pictures and great answers from Sheryl. Really like this post!

  2. Loved this interview... and those baroque patterned pants!!!! So gorgeous.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  3. I love Sheryl's style, she really knows how to put an outstanding look together and wear the hayell outta it! plus she's a sweetheart of a girl!! great interview too Kate, this series really gives a lot of insight into the workings of these tremendous bloggers. fab-ness total! ♥

  4. Aw Kate, I`m so glad you featured Sheryl! We go back many years and she's always been one of the most stylish and put together people I know :)

  5. Lovely site and great styles. Love the colors and how you paired them

    Keep posting so i can follow


    www.simply -set. com



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